May – chirruping in Spain

I take my hat off to the translators of James talks. They have to keep remembering everything he has said… which can be a lot… until he stops speaking and then they have to correctly re-present all this to the audience. To express this in a manner which is ‘simpatico’ is a joy to behold. So I hope you enjoy this video in ten parts – Emptiness and Dzogchen – from Grenada, translated by Juan.

Bristol Chan weekend – audio recordings

Entitled  ‘Finding the spacious peace present in every moment of movement.’

“Meditation is a means of awakening to the basic space of awareness within which all experience occurs. Through this we can develop wisdom and compassion.”

Recorded by John Chettoe, and edited by his son in Bristol, U.K.   29-30 Nov 2014


We have John Chettoe  and his son to thank for these recordings … and Peter Farrie who published them and also designed this web-site.

There are a wide variety of interesting audios on the main Simplybeing web-site. These are there thanks to the kindness of many others, those who make and edit the recordings, to Christian, in Germany, who publishes them and to Barbara who keeps both connections and the main web-site going in London…also to those who sponsor the main web-site.  I play my part with some editing and offering this site.  (This is just to give you an idea of some of the effort  that goes on behind the scenes when you click a link to listen!).

Also to see here the working of dependent co-origination.. ‘on the basis of this, that arises.’ From a dharma perspective to see the  interconnectivity and interdependency of all that arises. You can expand this looking in many ways — through all the factors needed to come into play for you to find yourself reading this just now— to all those that brought James to teach on that weekend in Bristol…and so on…..


This film is showing on Sun 11th Jan at 11am at a special screening at the picture house in Exeter and on general release from 16th.

It’s an extraordinary film about a young man’s  drivenness to excell as a drummer in a jazz band.

From a dharma perspective there’s a lot to see.. impermanence–dependant co-origination–ego striving–taking for granted/assumptions–humility–life-purpose–pride–fixation–making ’special’/above/apart/separate–?the means justifies the end… and fantastic drumming!


Dec. A few of us were sitting in the Bristol YHA at the weekend grappling with the notions of ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’. This video which is  an open talk, explains a lot about this including the truth about ‘you and me’.

This month’s video highlight

Nov. Is the cause of suffering really ‘out there’ or is it rather closer to home? What is the purpose and effect of devotion..This hits the point from the second minute on…



Oct.How much suffering would vanish with this understanding….

Guido Ferrari interviewed James Low in Milan in November 2012 and asked him about love between two people, about love and sexuality in spiritual traditions, and about happiness.