Welcome to this website. It is a tributary of the big river of dharma linked with the simplybeing.co.uk website of the teachings of James Low and C.R.Lama.

You are invited to jump into the water, and as you splash, know that the droplets’ sun-glint rainbows are aspects of yourself.

There are infinite aspects to the dharma and if this does not speak to your current condition may you quickly find a stream to suit you… and if this stream and river should help you find your own way then any merit arising is dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings.

Whichever way you go… the very best of luck!

Wendy Chozom

Wendy Chozom

Based near Exeter, and teaching buddhism and dzogchen, Wendy is a disciple of James Low and a teacher in the lineage of James Low and C. R. Lama.

The following advice is from the simplybeing  website: “According to the tradition, in order to bathe in the living stream of the dzogchen lineages, it is important to make steps to gain transmission from a living teacher and it is unhelpful to use the teachings for selfish purposes.”

This website contains some information and also bits and pieces… looking at the world through different dharma lenses including dzogchen.

If you would like to develop a greater understanding of the dzogchen view then one way to go would be to work your way through the Macclesfield talks on the audio section of the simplybeing.co.uk website, slowly allowing it to permeate through and through as the view is expounded.

Here is a list of links  to the audios and videos currently available in this set of teachings.

Cheers! Here’s to sadness!

Some years ago someone who had been on Prozac for eight years came regularly to a group i was facilitating in mid-devon. She was put on the drug following the death of her young daughter and at a time when she herself was in an unsatisfying job. She had, since then, found more satisfying work and so we worked through…

Length of audio recordings

We are working to bring you the recent Emerson College recordings… Until now I have broken the recordings into segments of roughly half an hour but as download speeds have increased i’m wondering whether you would prefer to listen to recordings that are an hour long, or are half hour chunks easier to manage? If you have a…

Greed and beauty – The Clock O’Clay

Wednesday, 13 July 1793 was the birthdate of the poet John Clare. James spoke of him during the recent teachings at Emerson College… referring to the deep despair and desolation the poet felt following the Enclosure act of 1773 and that his sensitivity was such that its impact on his mental heath was enough to send him into…