London Talk…The seductive creativity of ignorance: delusion as a way of life

James Low gave a talk for Shang Shung UK in their new centre on 25th Feb.

Here is a link to that talk and video …. ‘Why emptiness is liberating’….

and I have just finished making something audible from the talk below that James gave at their invitation  last year

The seductive creativity of ignorance: delusion as a way of life

James Low, 23 April 2015

Organised by Shang Shung UK, at SOAS, London University

“You are not who you think you are and, since self-knowledge tends to be conceptual, it is easy to get lost. The self is a topic that is explored in all schools of buddhism. Tonight we will look at it from some aspects of the dzogchen tradition.”

Recorded by Baz Hurrell

You can listen to it here.

This recording was made on a mobile phone and trying to make it listenable has been a challenge. The replacement introduction was recorded later in the year… as for the rest, having just luckily found out how to process over-saturated sound, it’s mostly pretty good. I’m glad of this because it’s dharma in a nutshell… it includes the vision of a mandala of communication,connectivity,creative interactions, resonance and harmony…. and an explanation as to how our constructed sense of self is a shape which serves to limit our ability to inhabit that vision – “You can’t dance with a lobster!”