The Illusory nature of experience

400px-Double-alaskan-rainbowThis talk,  The Illusory nature of Experience , is a very good friend… and if you get it… you’ve got it!  …but what have you got?…. answers on a postcard/via contact me!

Last year I edited the transcriptions made by Sue Scott and Babs Littler of this talk which James gave in Macclesfield in 2012.

For me editing is very time-consuming but interesting  process as the intention is to produce a finished article which, whilst being easier to read than a transcript and hopefully flowing more easily, looses none of the integrity of the original. It’s a bit like working on a multi-faceted precious stone, like a diamond, cutting and polishing it so that it shines the most brilliantly.

One of the great beauties of these teachings is that the more you engage with them the more they reveal and there is maybe a deeper impact from a slower pace of engagement which the reading of a text invites. There are many others on the website.

I remember reading as a child of the story of the diamond cutter in Amsterdam charged with splitting the Cullinan diamond and how he fainted as he struck the blow thinking that the diamond had shattered into pieces rather than split in two…here the pressure is not so intense! yet i am conscious of the fact that it is all too easy for an error to creep in which could distort the intended meaning.

I’m very slow at this work but in the event James did not ask for any changes to be made so you can trust it as a valid representation of this teaching.

You can watch the videos of this talk on Vimeo or listen/download from the website.