Glad tidings of great joy …. : )

crackerBy Christmas day, if all goes well at this end, the recordings of James  teaching at Sharpham in Devon February 2000 will be on their way for Chis to put up onto the audio section of the  website… digitised and with most of the hum, tape hiss, loud coughs and throat clearing removed! I’ll let you know when its made its way there.

The setting and style of communicating in this retreat is intimate and it speaks to the alsolute heart of the practice…(if it was you who made the recording do let us know and take the credit)…and in my opinion tape 5B is a ‘cracker’ – maybe a nut-cracker!

In the meantime here’s another  gift of truth from one of the ‘wise men’… which i jotted onto the back of an envelope some time ago….

‘If you believe in conceptual elaboration, if you believe in the creativity of your own mind as telling you the truth about the world, you will delude yourself and stay in the staleness of the repetition of your own mental confectionery.’    mmm hmm!                               James Low

Now published …. above the cartoon above!