The chocolate bar – grace and generosity

220px-Cadbury-BournvilleGrace and generosity….
Generosity exhibited by the giver of the chocolate bar …

and grace by the recipient who, despite finding the words ‘you’re homeless aren’t you?’ uncomfortable, and despite not actually wanting a bar of chocolate, nonetheless accepted it… as he could see the giver wanted him to.

He was moved to tears afterwards by the gesture, this surprised him… he didn’t realise that part of him, the ability to be touched and moved, was still functioning.
Not only that but he now feels directly supported, as a Christian, by angels…not all of whom, he now suspects, are male!

Just about to go a job interview, at which he very badly needs to succeed, the confidence boost is very helpful.

So whilst he felt some discomfort in seeing that his poor state was so obvious to others, and also the gift didn’t match his needs… the giver’s intention came from the open heart…and had a beneficial effect for both.

For now…he’s keeping the chocolate bar !

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