Welcome to this website. It is a tributary of the big river of dharma linked with the simplybeing.co.uk website of the teachings of James Low and C.R.Lama.

You are invited to jump into the water, and as you splash, know that the droplets’ sun-glint rainbows are aspects of yourself.

There are infinite aspects to the dharma and if this does not speak to your current condition may you quickly find a stream to suit you… and if this stream and river should help you find your own way then any merit arising is dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings.

Whichever way you go… the very best of luck!

Wendy Chozom

Wendy Chozom

Based near Exeter, and teaching buddhism and dzogchen, Wendy is a disciple of James Low and a teacher in the lineage of James Low and C. R. Lama.

The following advice is from the simplybeing  website: “According to the tradition, in order to bathe in the living stream of the dzogchen lineages, it is important to make steps to gain transmission from a living teacher and it is unhelpful to use the teachings for selfish purposes.”

This website contains some information and also bits and pieces… looking at the world through different dharma lenses including dzogchen.

If you would like to develop a greater understanding of the dzogchen view then one way to go would be to work your way through the Macclesfield talks on the audio section of the simplybeing.co.uk website, slowly allowing it to permeate through and through as the view is expounded.

Here is a list of links  to the audios and videos currently available in this set of teachings.

No room for hatred….


Some years ago i wrote this post…

world holocaust day

and on that day this year i watched this moving little half hour video…(it’s not about William and Kate lighting candles!) so hang on in there, if you will, to the end…it’s very beautiful, i think.



‘I have no room for hatred in my heart’ …no matter what has happened to me and those close to me…

…brings tears to the eyes just writing the words.


A few days after the memorial day   but memorable every day…

as it says in the Dhammapada:

‘In this world hatred is never pacified by hatred. It is by the absence of hatred that hatred is pacified.’

The words that follow are “This is the ancient truth”.

A truth which was ancient even at the time these words of the historical buddha were spoken…how deep is that?

…and how blind the multifarious, shifting sands of justifications for hatred arising from fundamental ignorance and leading to ignorance of that truth’s validity. Deludedly projecting… and so dividing, partitioning… protecting, and rejecting to the point of annihilation, aspects of the heart-mind, of the undivided whole.


Did the angels stop singing after Christmas?

  ‘Peace on earth…and goodwill to all men’… so went the angels message… …and with that comes a question: can there be peace on earth without goodwill from man to man?  Man answered ‘Well, maybe God can have goodwill for all men… but us humans? Come on!  Look at them… what are they like!!! I’m not…

Update…for smart-phones

Some of the people I speak with had not yet discovered the treasure trove of audios and videos on the simplybeing.co.uk website which are accessible under the heading ‘Publications Audio and Video’ from the homepage as displayed on a computer or laptop. Many people are accessing the site now through their phones so just to…

Emerson College – 2019 recordings

Just to let you know that these summertime recordings on Clarity and Equanimity are now available to listen or download… They are also findable from the front page of Simplybeing.co.uk under ‘news’  – In times of provocation –  or from audios>retreats>England>other… where you will find much more along the way!  

Remember… Remember…the 8th of November

Remember remember the 5 November! Remembering the lengths people will go to to destroy what they see as bad and the endless consequences of polarisation. Remember on the 11th November the seen and unseen consequences of war and fighting… Remembering the value of collaboration, working together in a respectful and harmonious way to achieve a…