Welcome to this website. It is a tributary of the big river of dharma linked with the simplybeing.co.uk website of the teachings of James Low and C.R.Lama.

You are invited to jump into the water, and as you splash, know that the droplets’ sun-glint rainbows are aspects of yourself.

There are infinite aspects to the dharma and if this does not speak to your current condition may you quickly find a stream to suit you… and if this stream and river should help you find your own way then any merit arising is dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings.

Whichever way you go… the very best of luck!

Wendy Chozom

Wendy Chozom

Based near Exeter, and teaching buddhism and dzogchen, Wendy is a disciple of James Low and a teacher in the lineage of James Low and C. R. Lama.

The following advice is from the simplybeing  website: “According to the tradition, in order to bathe in the living stream of the dzogchen lineages, it is important to make steps to gain transmission from a living teacher and it is unhelpful to use the teachings for selfish purposes.”

This website contains some information and also bits and pieces… looking at the world through different dharma lenses including dzogchen.

If you would like to develop a greater understanding of the dzogchen view then one way to go would be to work your way through the Macclesfield talks on the audio section of the simplybeing.co.uk website, slowly allowing it to permeate through and through as the view is expounded.

Here is a list of links  to the audios and videos currently available in this set of teachings.

Sisters……. in non-duality

  In jealousy and foolish pride greed hatred and delusion we immolate our peace of mind and suffer in confusion   Old fears and anguish quake the heart, in place of ease a tightness comes – releasing this …A…ཨ…o p e n n e s s reveals the sameness of our “bones”   Each moment…

This perspective may help …

and hopefully will do no harm!   Once, in a talk James said… ‘keep your dosh in your pocket, sit on your bum and get enlightened! That’s pretty simple eh?… but it doesn’t happen so often. So many distractions, emotional obscurations, karmic propensities limit the time on the cushion… and then the time spent there,…

Staying alive…ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh… staying alive….

It has to be sensible to be  at ease with the natural consequence of birth… that is at some point we will die… but also to do what we reasonably can to stay alive and healthy enough to practice, to continue to deepen our practice while we can. After death, the traditional understanding is that…

Everyday….is a good day… to wake up!

It’s good to be alive, to be able to breathe, to be able to pray, to be able to practice the dharma. The compassion which arises from wisdom, like wisdom itself, is not something artificial, so not something  we can construct  by our efforts. But we can use many methods to soften our sense of…

The light…of ‘life and death’

Click this link for some beautiful rainbow pictures published by National Geographic. I just wrote what’s below in response to an email from a friend who is struggling with her breathing and a severe headache Having just come back from Vietnam she fears the coronavirus is the likely cause of symptoms She has asthma and…