Lamps – Ancient and Modern.


A Bradj (pre-Hindi) proverb says, “Chiraag tale andhera”, “the [utmost] darkness is under the oil-lamp (chiraag)”, meaning that what you seek could be close but unnoticed (right under your nose or feet), in various senses (and indeed, a lamp’s container casts a strong shadow).

and, from the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu (see Unchanging Wisdom post 2.11.15) –

Returning to heaven’s mandate is called being constant.
Knowing the constant is called ‘enlightenment’.
Not knowing the constant is the source of evil deeds because we have no roots.
By knowing the constant we can accept things as they are.
By accepting things as they are, we become impartial.
By being one with heaven, we become one with the Tao.
Being one with the Tao, we are no longer concerned about losing our life because we know the Tao is constant and we are one with the Tao.


The  Seductive nature of Ignorance 23.4.2015  is a  recording of a short public talk which James gave in London.  If you haven’t tried out the audio delights on the website this might be a good recording to start with as it contains the Dharma in a nutshell. There’s lots else to explore on the website – it’s a treasury of texts and recordings. If like Aladdin you rub the lamp and engage with the genie then, well…. the pearl of great price could be yours!