The Three Points of Garab Dorje

Some of us were fortunate enough enough to  hear James teaching  over the last weekend


Afterwards I wrote this down to celebrate:


In gratitude for Garab Dorje’s Three Points


Our infinite spacious hospitality, 

seam-less with phenomena


arising and passing ceaselessly…



Our real home – yet, no ‘thing’ to see  

wisdom beyond concepts  

no tensions of identity


Wow! again… Wow!


This empty ground of ‘you’ and ‘me’…??? 

Forgetting this we’re  

lost in ways which hide the key  


so busy making ‘You!’ and ‘Me!’ 

out to be what we are not, 

clinging to thoughts with certainty.


Habits  and intellectual chicanery  

these blind us to ourselves, 

we want to ‘Know’, compulsively… 


…so round and round we go in misery.  

Locked in our ‘selves’, we’ll not get free  

using these bent samsaric keys.  


‘Ow!’ ‘Ow!’ ‘Ow!’


Homage then, now, eternally 

to the truth reminders 

of empty indivisibility.  


Pointing to space, to true reality  

the mind itself, 

the greatest gift, our unseen key. 


So lucky ducks – that’s you and me  

with practice find ourselves  

relaxed, at home, united with our mum! 


Released from yearning, breathing easily 

no place to find, no thing to grasp  

how simple we can be… 


…freed within life’s complexity! 


Emaho ! 

Wonderful !!! 

and time for another cup of tea !!!! 

There’s a great team working on the recordings and they will soon be up on the James Low You Tube video channel…If you check in there you’ll find plenty to keep you going until then. 


There is also the Macclesfield Talk 9 for an earlier explanation – Refuge is liberation – Garab Dorje’s Three Points as the
essence of refuge –  From fusion   to dualistic intention      to
non-dual liberation
Nov 2008           audio       videos  (x3)
Picture of grab Dorje: creative commons Wikipedia