An invitation to swim… in an ocean of dharma!

Swim Lessons Children 2_920x550‘The interplay of the primordial purity and the immediacy of the spontaneous experience is the basis of Dzogchen understanding.’

‘All that I know myself to be is the content of the mind — patterns of experience and interpretation.’

‘The one who gets angry or sad is the radiance of the openness spiralling into itself and creating the illusion of an entrapped world – which then releases itself.’

These quotes are taken from talks James Low has given in Macclesfield over the last decade or so. They are a series which starts with the ‘view of Dzogchen’  and approaches the heart of the dharma in many different ways which relate to our lived existence with great clarity and and a sense of humour. The talks are multi-layered, accessible to all who are interested, you don’t need any prior knowledge or expertise.  They reveal their richness though repeated listening, reflecting and engaging, and  are are free to listen to or download. For me they were a revelation and i hope you share my delight in the explanations.

[N.B. At present there are sixteen talks posted so, if you want to start at the beginning, scroll down to “older posts” to get to number 1 ]