Everyday….is a good day… to wake up!

It’s good to be alive, to be able to breathe, to be able to pray, to be able to practice the dharma.

The compassion which arises from wisdom, like wisdom itself, is not something artificial, so not something  we can construct  by our efforts.

But we can use many methods to soften our sense of being an isolated, separate self…  and bring ourselves into a more healthy orientation with those we see as ‘other’…a deconstruction of our ego-centrality…it’s all about me, mine, and my opinions.

Prayer is one such method… done with full attention the ever- present connection is  energetically illuminated.

Although it is harder now to reach out towards those who are suffering in a physical or  practical way… the prayers and meditations that we do can actually be more beneficial.
 This is a bit hard to realise…  it took me many years… the ego wants to do something to fix situations…
Of course, often that move can be entirely appropriate, the problem arises dependant  on how much  ‘I-Me!‘ is involved in the doing. If the move arises easily (but not habitually) and is released, rather than credit taken, then that’s harmonious with  the dharma, with life.
So no-one one would say ‘please don’t do good things’…
but the direction of  dharma travel, of increasing  wisdom, changes our own conception of what is most valuable beyond the relative notions…
…taking us towards the pure relative…in the direction of the ultimate level of compassion, of the expression of our buddha-nature.
The energetic attention flowing out in the world from our heartfelt prayers does make a difference both to ourselves, as our orientation changes, and to others in the way we relate to them… a much bigger difference than you might imagine is possible through this.
A few days ago I was asked by one of you for some prayers that would be easy to use and easing…
So here are  some daily prayers which you can use if you like…
I used to do the first two immediately I woke up (before getting stuck into ‘thinking about’ my situation!’)

Then sitting up in bed I would  say the Four Immeasurables prayer….

then some meditation before getting out of bed…a good start to the day!


 May I be full of loving-kindness

 May I be well

 May I be peaceful and at ease

 May I be happy


May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled

May they be healed  and whole

May all have whatever they want and need

May they be protected from harm

and free from fear

May all know inner peace and ease

May they be awakened, liberated, free

May there be peace in our world

and throughout the universe


Variations on similar lines say would be:

May no sentient being be unhappy, malicious, or ill,

neglected or despised;

and may no one be despondent


Courage to the fearful,

freedom to the enslaved,

strength to the week, 

mutual affection to all sentient beings

( that’s a prayer from Shantideva’s writing  of the Bodhicaryavatara ’the way of the bodisattva ‘)


The Four Immeasurables  prayer that we say in the group goes like this:

May all beings be happy and know the root of happiness    (love)

May they be free from suffering and cut the root of suffering    (compassion)

May they abide in happiness free from suffering   (joy)

and may they be free from aversion and clinging – feeling close to some and distant from others  (equanimity)

A full explanation of the profundity of this prayer is to be found in macclesfield audio talk 10

An alternative  with the same meaning is:

May all sentient beings be free from aversion and clinging, 

feeling close to  some and distant from others

May they win the bliss that is specially sublime

May they find release from the ocean of unbearable suffering

and maybe they never be parted from freedom’s  true joy


In this way we can begin every day with the wish to devote it to the good of all living beings,

 to bring peace and ease into every situation we encounter,

 to be able to develop the spaciousness and qualities – the wisdom and compassion – required to fulfil these wishes.

That should keep us going for a bit…!

If you later wish to take refuge… (i.e. step on the Buddhist path) and take the bodhisattva vow 

there is a brief daily meditation practice (these are the foundational practices from a Buddhist perspective)

and much more!

Just let me know if anything doesn’t make sense and we can talk it through

…but also, if you keep an eye on the Simplybeing.co.uk website Homepage and also Events you will see there is more activity and suggestion coming from James as to how orientate yourself, to be most at ease in and able to work with this particular situation in which we find ourselves operating…

…among which, currently on the right-hand side of the homepage at the top, there are some short  guided meditations…which I recommend for relieving fusion with stress and tension and releasing back to your open state…allowing those movements to flow though without being defined by them.


The audio and video recordings of the Macclesfield in February teachings
 are now available …links here   audio video


Just let me know if anything you find you need a bit of help ‘unpacking’….


all good wishes


Photo credit ‘ Dreamer’ from LoveThisPic … (which describes itself as a  place for people to come and share inspiring pictures, quotes, DIYs, and many other types of photos.)